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Facebook Changes its Company Name from Meta: Zuckerberg to Metaverse 2021

The biggest news of 2021 so far is here. That Facebook changed its company name to Meta. Surprise everyone. But wait a minute! Has the Facebook app and website you use changed? Let’s find out

Multinationals will stop focusing on social media and become a “meteorological company”, an in-depth network that its founders see as the next big step on the internet. The name change comes amid its worst reputation crisis.

The era of Facebook ended this Thursday. The “meta” witness. “From now on, our priority will be Metaverse, not Facebook,” said Mark Zuckerberg, who decided to rename his company, one of the most recognized brands on the planet. To do this, the future of the Internet is the Metaverse.

Zuckerberg Describes Metaverse as a far-reaching network with a large amount of virtual reality. By proposing a new name for its company, Tycoon showed a digital world in which it is possible to work, study or play with personalized avatars and in designed places. separately for each user.

“When I started with Facebook, we just wrote text on websites. When we have a phone with a camera, the internet becomes more intuitive and portable. As connectivity grows faster, the video-sharing experience is a perfect medium. From desktop to web and mobile, from text to photos and videos. But this is not the end of the ride,” he said.

The next platform will be even more profound: a personal Internet that is within the user experience, not just as a spectator. Mark Zuckerberg – Founder and CEO of Facebook, renamed Meta.

“The next platform will be even more profound: a personal Internet tailored to the user’s experience, not just an audience. We call it the metaverse and it will affect all of these products. What we create,” he said.
These changes will make the company’s virtual reality department horizon more critical. The social network will be called Facebook, but the WhatsApp, Instagram, or Horizon companies surrounding it will be renamed and deleted.
Zuckerberg began describing the Metaverse as a real possibility in 2019. In recent months, he has stepped up his defense of the technology, even leading to the transformation of the Facebook Group. However, it also coincided with the biggest reputation crisis in the company’s history, even surpassing the one caused by the Cambridge Analytica scandal. One of his former colleagues, Francis Hogan, leaked a series of internal documents about bad behavior on Facebook that were collected directly for the benefit of Zuckerberg and the rest of the board. his senior manager.

Hogan provided information to 17 US media outlets and the country’s Senate, where he also testified. “The company hides important information from the public, the United States government, shareholders, and governments around the world,” he told members of Congress. Leaked confidential reports show that the company is aware of the toxic impact of many of its products on society, but has done nothing to stop it because the same poison is making a lot of money. . To be

Facebook spokesperson said in a statement sent that “there is a basis at the heart of these stories as untrue.” “Yes, we are a business and we make a profit, but the idea that we do so for the safety or well-being of people ignores our business interests,” the company said.

Mark Zuckerberg condemned this week, saying “we are seeing a concerted effort to selectively uses leaked documents to distort our business.” However, the speculative campaign has not affected the company’s profits, because, in the third quarter, Facebook reported 62% increase in a profit compared to the same period in 2020.

AI with 13 universities

To train this artificial intelligence, Facebook launched a project two weeks ago in which they are working with 13 universities around the world. They call it Ego
D (Ego Centric Vision for first person use) and its purpose is to teach machines to interact with the real world, not observers as they were developed. until now. Yes, but with the main character in it. According to the actor’s company, the goal is to incorporate glasses or other technologies for the assistant being worn, and this could be useful in five areas:
  • Episodic memory: when does it happen? (For example, “Where did I leave my keys?”)
  • Prediction: What might you do next? (Example: “Wait, you added salt to this recipe”).
  • Handling hands and objects: what do I do? (Example: “Teach me to play the drums”).
  • Audiovisual dialysis: who did what and when? (Example: “What is the main topic of the course?”)
  • Social interaction: who interacts with whom? (Example: “Help me listen better to the person I’m talking to in this noisy restaurant”).

An important condition

Facebook changed the name of its company to Meta, and a series of announcements showed that Zuckerberg was ready to bet the future of his business on the growth of Metaverse. One of them is hiring 10,000 workers in Europe to build this new technology. These 10,000 new employees will double the number of workers the multinational currently has in Horizon. The Metaverse division will comprise about 0% of the company’s employees. Zuckerberg’s goal was to outdo his rivals and make Facebook the mainstay of this new network as it is on the Internet today.

As Zuckerberg imagined, Metaverse would need special equipment to connect to it. The curtains will be a thing of the past.

In September, Facebook’s radius started moving in this direction. They can record everything that is going on around the wearer. Its function is to be another tool for taking photos, videos, and locations to share later on your social networks. However, the company plans to add augmented reality tools to them, such as virtual assistants that specialize in interpreting information from one’s point of view.

Facebook is devoting enormous resources to betting on the metaverse, and the technology will support its projected expansion. Its founder said in its renaming offer that “Metaverse will be built at the heart of security and privacy,” but only time will tell whether consumers will buy it. this new condition or not.

Facebook has closed with nearly 3,000 million users or about half of the world’s population. Zuckerberg’s dream is for Meta to make it to the second half.

Frequently Asked Question

Why is Facebook changing its name?

Because Facebook is now trusting more in VR and AI. They believe and honestly, we all believe the future will be AI. This is why they changed their name to META and transitioned to a completely AI-based technology.

Has the Facebook name changed to the metaverse?
Yes! Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s new name, METAVERSE, last night. The new logo in VR form as M is the old company’s new logo that has become the new META

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