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How to Check WordPress Website speed in 2022

I’ll walk you through how to check the speed of WordPress websites today. Now that I’ve gone through a series on how to determine whether or not your web host is good, one of the first things you should look for is how quickly your website loads. Now, if you go to Google and look at some of the criteria for search engine optimization, as well as whether Google wants to show your website when someone is looking for a product or service or you, how quickly your website loads is very important.

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One Second or Three Second

One Second or Three Seconds? The speed of the website—how quickly the page loads—is one of the most important factors. Now, you want your site to load in less than three seconds. You should aim for less than one second. This series is all about figuring out the best way to get your website to load as quickly as possible. A perfect web host would take less than a second, a halfway decent enough web host would take less than three seconds, and anything more than three seconds would be a pretty bad web host or you would have some issues with how you put your website together. However, determining the quality of your web hosts is the first step. Nowadays, numerous web hosts overburden websites. These are the technical terms that refer to a server’s cell capacity.

This server and a data center are included in your Web hosting account. In addition, a web host strives to maximize profitability by hosting as many websites as possible on a single server. And if they have no limit, this can often come at your expense. If you look at the websites hosted by Eworldest and  Hostinger , you will notice that they load extremely slowly. And that’s because they’re known for selling too much. I have been strongly suggesting that you sign up for an account with emotion hosting because everything there is so much better and your website will be hosted on a lightning-fast SSD hard drive.

The Top Three Speed Test Tools

  • GT Metrics
  • Google Page Speed Insights,

Consequently, there are three web-based tools available to us. Pingdom, page speed insights, and GT Metrix are all available here. Now, you visit these websites to use them. You simply copy and paste the URL. When you press the button that says “start” or “go,” it will test it and show you the results immediately. Now, before you take this test, I’ll give you a warning. Because there is so much variation on the Internet, you could check it three times, and the number will be slightly different each time.

However, they shouldn’t differ significantly. You test it once more, and it takes 10 seconds, so that shouldn’t take one second here. That is one of the restrictions, then. Pingdom is my choice. That is my preference. You can also Google any of these to reach the appropriate link. So here is Pingdom.

Additionally, I enjoy its simplicity. Here, you can paste your URL. The kingdom also has a caveat: they have servers that run this test from all over the world. As a result, the various locations are accessible if I expand where it says settings. You don’t want the Test to come from Amsterdam if you’re a server and your website is in the United States. Also, in reverse. If you’re a web server in Europe, you shouldn’t run the Test from San Jose, California. Are you in Sweden? So that’s the only restriction. Also, the subsequent one is assuming your Site has the w w w. in front or not. OK. You want it to be precise.


Check Eworldest Website Speed

So, let’s test the Eworldest website—I use the w w w. Select Washington, D.C., and then click “Test Now.” If the service is overloaded, there may be a delay—it will say “You’re number one in line” or “number two in line,” for example—but the actual test may take a while to begin.

Let me just say that this test is taking a little longer than expected. I’ll return to this after cueing up two other tests. So here is GT Metrix, and you can see I put the URL there. Interesting. GT Metrix isn’t used by me.

Pingdom is usually the only tool I use to check my speed, but in Vancouver, their test server wouldn’t let me choose. Additionally, it will provide you with this page score. You’ll get load time from it. Now that it is showing the load time, I am aware that it is inaccurate—we will explain this on Pingdom—but there will be some variation among the various services that perform this task.

Additionally, as you scroll down, it offers suggestions for possible enhancements. Also, since they are here, a few things.

I’m not sure how much I trusted the images’ pre-optimization. So anyway, here are page speed insights. Presently, it is a Google product that displays online. Because it has been tested on both the mobile and desktop versions, it is cautious about this. This is the mobile version, and this is the desktop version, which focuses more on testing your website’s various components. You are given a rating rather than a speed score by it.

However, let’s return to Pingdom to assess my speed. Occasionally, all right. Thus, here we are. OK. Okay, I forgot. I am testing in less than a second from New York. I also stated that you should be under a second. Also, inform you of the amount of data downloaded each time someone visits your website. You receive both the number of requests and your performance grade.



I want to believe that you found this data helpful, and I challenge you to test your Site speed and perhaps post your host and the speed in the remarks down underneath. You reached the end of the article, which indicates that it was helpful to you. Please click the Love icon in the upper right corner. That will assist me.

Presently I never believe that you should leave with nothing. So, if you want to check your website’s speed, just click on the WordPress page and fill out the form there. I’ll help you fix the problem as soon as possible. Thanks

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